Learning Style Map

Knowing the ways in which you learn best, is an incredible set of knowledge to have as education and careers advance. The trials and errors attempted as a student, serve as huge learning assets in assessing what ways will allow yourself to succeed the best. I elementary and middle school, academics were always relatively easy and held an exciting amount of challenge in that I knew that with some effort, everything could always be figured out. So, learning my learning styles at that point, never crossed my mind because my grades reflected my capability within a curriculum that didn’t force me to exert myself much. But, as I got older, things began to change. While in high school, I took great joy in making my notes look very eccentric and aesthetically pleasing. It was a great attempt at trying to making learning more enjoyable for myself, but I quickly realized that it was a poor attempt at retaining information. As I was handed back test grades that held scores I was disappointed with, I began to understand that too much energy was being exerted in how my notes looked, but not enough energy in how well I maneuvered retaining the information within my notes. This discovery lead me down a path of realization in paying more attention to focusing on the best ways that I learn. And as I focused on the way that I learned best, I was finally able to see my grades truly reflect my effort, whenever I would be academically challenged. While in college, I was introduced to the Myers-Briggs Personality Quiz. After learning about my personality type, I gained an incredible amount of insight in learning how I operate, and in what conditions I do my best and worst in. With this information, I was able feel more confident as a student of strategies when I would be academically challenged. Using the information i’ve gathered through the nearly 20 years of academia and the descriptions within my personality type, I was able to create my most accurate-to-date learning map.