Not a fan of the lathe

This class has been filled with getting over mini fears and falling in love with the tools in the process. This time, that was not the case. Using the lathe was small a fear being faced, with no love gained towards it at any point. 

My original pieces of wood:

It started with putting my first piece of wood in the lathe and having it fly off and into face. After that, I was very tempted to leave it an never return.

But, I couldn't just give up. So, I returned and took another jab at it.

I started off measuring to find the center.

Then placed the wood in the lathe and sharpened my tools.

I had difficulties all throughout, which was pretty frustrating. 

When using the lathe tool, it would stop the wood from turning and not actually chip pieces of wood off. It took nearly two hours to get just the little bit of wood, off.

I'm very interested to learn about what I was doing incorrectly. I'm excited to get a lot better with this tool, though I don't envision it being something I'll come back to too often.