Using the router

When being first being introduced to the router, I loved the DIY tools that were created to manipulate the direction in which the handheld machine moved. I was excited to use the DIY cut out pieces of acrylic to guide the router across my wood to create different patters and designs. I love the idea of collaging, so I wanted to create a consistent patter, but cut up the wood and change the direction of the patterns to create a more interesting piece of art.


I have also heavily been inspired by the art in the Chipotles' and I wanted to use some of that style in my first assignment.



While embarking on this project, I was introduced to a few problems. While routing through the wood in the first few rounds, my material would occasionally burned. Eventually, I better learned how to use the router and would move a bit quicker with each pass - which I noticed stopped creating situations where my wood would burn. I also noticed that it was very important to use flat-top screws as the rounded top screws would get in the way when i'd use the router with the acrylic guide.

Overall, it was really fun and easy using the router. It was a nice introduction to the subtraction tools.



Here is my project in its current stage. Though, I plan to stain a back piece, then drill these pieces on to that back piece, to create decoration for my apartment.