Ojo Oro is translated to Golden Eye in the Spanish language. We give your vision all the tools it may need to create golden work.



How does it work?

The first model of the Ojo Oro camera is the Experiamera. The Experiamera is a digital camera that merges the film and digital experience as it mimics the quality of a vintage camera with retro filters that are immediately applied to the photo, as soon as it is taken. The camera resembles a film camera even further in that there is no screen to see how the photo is being composed, and the filters are randomized with different types of film camera "happy accidents". The Experiamera delivers on its name as there are color overlay filters that tint the image, without your control - making the action of taking a photo incredibly experimental. 

Once the photo is taken, it is immediately sent to Twitter for instant access - which eliminates the need for much SD card storage space as the photos are not needed to be saved. We have plans of creating a photo-sharing app of our own, which would eliminate the need of using twitter as an access point to the photos.

How will it be designed?

The aesthetics of the camera will be just as important to the camera's creation as the way that it functions. This camera will be built with strong focuses on ergonomics, incredible detail, and exciting color palettes. The camera will hold its signature shape as an octagon.

The current camera, the Experiamera, will not have a screen and have much of the same feel as a film camera.



How is this camera different from camera's on the market?

Consider this the hybrid of the fun and hipster-feeling Lomography Instant cameras, the experimentation of the Holga and Lomography film cameras, the careful precision in design of the Leica cameras and the immediacy of the iPhone (and other smartphones) with access to social media.

Photos taken with the Ojo Oro Camera: