SonicSpectrum: Society

For my final, I wanted to discuss race, racism, and especially the idea of "Whiteness." I did so by creating an Interactive Audio Visual Interactive Mixtape (currently developing).

Weeks leading up to the final consisted of a long library visit, and a collection of books and articles that held such an incredible amount of information.

It became incredibly difficult to find a way to express this extensive amount of information in such a small project, as I continued to learn more and more with time. 

I opted to go as small as I possibly could, and focus more so on "Whiteness" and essentially the criminality of "whiteness" as my focus.

I was inspired by an impromptu experiment I had done at home with an orange piece of paper and a continuously changing light I have in my living room:

I loved how the electromagnetic waves of each particularly light distorted the electromagnetic waves my eyes would interpret of the orange paper. And I wanted to use color and the distortion of color as an analogy between racial and perspectives.

I created sight distortion tools that manipulated color in a way that revealed my hidden messages. I then placed those hidden messages within highly stimulating graphics. The graphics meanings and information changes with the use of the different ocular devices.


Here are my slides from my presentation:

Credits (to be updated):

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