Final Project Proposal

For my final project, I would like to explore AR Kit, Data Visualizations and the art and cycles of protesting.

This is a project I wanted to explore at the end of my Data Visualizations course, but wasn't able to as I wasn't as well acquainted with Unity, Vuforia and other platforms of AR.

Now that I know how to use AR tools, I would like to explore ways that one could experience data visualizations in an immersive and experimental form. I'm also interested in studying the art and trends that come from protesting, how it is similar to fashion in that the injustices that activists fight against have proven to be cyclical and international.

In creating this experience, I would like to play on my general fascination of applying emerging technologies to analog inventions by using "polaroids" as target markers for Augmented Data visualizations within virtual space.

Experiential Disc Jockey ++

In exploring with targets, sounds, and video -- I developed an "experiential disc jockey." When the user uses this platform, they are immersed into this space that changes visuals (various music videos and graphics) based on the cassette they feed. Because I still don't know how to use Unity that well, I couldn't figure out how to only make the sounds play when they are triggered, and not at any other point. Thus, creating a happy accident of mixing music - just as a DJ would when transitioning.


Targets : Cassettes


Textures : Cool graphic design i've saved on Pinterest


Media : Music Videos


Put it all together


The Experience


AR Storytelling : History of Music

For our second assignment, we were tasked to explore storytelling using AR via Vuforia and Unity.

I decided to explore the history of music and how beats from generations ago remain relevant through the sampling of hip hop music. 

When the user holds up the photo of an artist, they would be immersed in a space that identifies all of the musicians this artist has samples within their discography.

Here are some examples:

Artist: Logic


Musicians sampled:


Artist: JayZ


Musicians Sampled:


Artist: Beyonce


Musicians Sampled:


Artist: Adele


Musicians Sampled:


Putting Graphics in Unity

Screenshot 2018-02-07 19.47.18.png

Augmented Reality Experience