Intro Project

Directions: Invent something that would solve a world problem, without limiting yourself to only creating what you believe you're currently capable of creating.


My team and I decided to create a shoe that would store the kinetic energy one would create when walking or running into a battery within the sole of the shoe, to then be used whenever the wearer wanted to. The shoe-laces would be used as wires with different adapters so that the stored energy could then be used to charge phones, laptops, power a flashlight within the shoe, etc. 

I enjoyed working with my teammates as all of us had unique ideas to offer and skills to share. One of my teammates professionally practiced industrial design, so we were able to quickly the rules and possibilities of design as it related to our project - which was exciting. If I were able to do this project over again, I would have enjoyed spending more time prototyping as opposed to planning. We were thorough in our sketches, but it would've been interesting to see how much further we could go with the actual creation of our prototype.

You can find photos of our work, below: