Switching to a Raspberry Pi

Switching to the Raspberry Pi went much more smoothly than expected.  I did, unfortunately, struggle to get the camera just to work, for hours. It is very important to paste each individual file, and not just the folder, to the SD card when downloading the Raspbian software onto it.

Once I got the software to work, taking photos and videos with the camera was incredibly easy. There is a software built into the Raspberry Pi to manipulate the photos with basic settings. There are also a lot of instruction and example projects online.


Here are a few of the pictures I've taken with the Pi Camera Module:

(I have loved the quality of the photos, thus far, and am incredibly excited. Please excuse the massive amount of self portraits)

I was later able to add a button that would control when the camera would begin recording.

I have a lot more buttons and sensors to add, but this felt like great progress.