Going back to the basics

After going through a couple weeks of struggling with the p-comp curriculum, I thought it would be motivating for myself if I bought some fun accessories for the arduino, to create some cooler projects with. With these cool accessories, I wasn't sure how to use them and was scouring the internet for tutorials. With hours of trying to paste in guided codes and continuously getting errors and having no clue how to fix them, I realized that what is much more important is moving at my own speed - much slower - and truly trying to understand the basics. As opposed to spending more time trying the labs and tutorials i'd find online and in my Arduino Projects book, I opened the "CODE" book and tried to get a very basic and fundamental understanding of computers.

The Happy Feedback Machine reading was incredibly inspiring to me, as that's one project i've been hoping to embark on. I love the idea of creating experiences and using sounds and interactivity within machines - via buttons, to do so. I'm very excited to master p-comp well enough to create my own version of the Happy Feedback Machine.