Introduction to ps.j5

Directions: Create another screen drawing: self-portrait, alien, monster, etc. Use 2D primitive shapes.

Below is my first assignment - as I explored ps.j5 for one of the first times. I focused on repetition of 2D elements with slight variance in their grid location or thickness of stroke.


I used this assignment to get more familiar with computation and how different numbers create different scenarios. I'm very excited to get a lot more comfortable with computation so much so that I can predict where a shape will form when inserting certain numbers. 

As far as my personal hobbies, being comfortable enough with computing will allow me to be able to create much more intentional art as opposed to the abstract and limited experimentation I was able to do in this assignment.

I am very interesting in making interactive visuals that utilize sound and look forward to eventually being able to program computations that will allow the user to manipulate their sonic outputs in an intentional and highly aesthetic driven manner.

During this assignment, I didn't get to figure out how to make the interactive "mouse events" to work within my program, leaving my submission stagnant.

I enjoyed the experience of using the web editor and am excited about the possibilities of the rest of the semester.