Create a button (with a partner) & create an algorithmic design & combine the two

This week, we were assigned to partner up and create a button. The idea of creating a button on javascript, after a couple weeks of making sound interactive programs with shapes that move at the position of your curser, sounded very easy. But, it actually wasn't it all. After a couple days of playing with numbers and looking at examples, we finally got it and were able to get a bit more creative.

We made ellipses that flashed black and white on the inside, changed the background's color and made the stroke weight increase with every other click, when they were pressed.


Here's our collaborated project:

[Try it]


After we collaborated, I played even more with our project and made it sound interactive. Now, the buttons change in diameter to the amplitude of the music.


Clicking on the buttons continued to change the background to different colors. The diameter continued to interact with the amplitude of the music, and you could also draw dots all over the screen. [Try it]

And after a while, I just continued to add and take out different elements to make it more or less sonically interactive.

Then, I added this similar techniques to my algorithmic design and made it mouse cursor/press and sonic interactive.

[try this one & my other like it]