2016 Campaign Election Pop Culture Analyzation

For my midterm video, I decided to focus on a handful of ideas - the campaign coverage (as a whole) between Clinton and Trump, how the media approaches both of these candidates, how these candidates have been received from audiences of different ages, the societal issues that Trump has brought to surface through his disgusting character and how he reflects part of America's indecency.

I scoured the internet, for hours, looking for footage that related to one another and tied them all together to create a short documentary. I've noticed how big of a part pop culture has played in this campaign and continued the pop culture lens theme from my last few projects by using more pop culture-based sources (like Ellen and SNL).

In editing this video, I started off comical and playful with what has been going on. Further into the video, the audience would then find the progression of ludicracy within the Trump campaign and how the inappropriate behavior can also be observed in the American culture. It then ends with the note of how through this election, the indecency is losing is shock value and taking away from the truth; taking away from the pure havoc that is being exemplified. 

Ideas for Popcorn Use during the political debate

A lot has been happening this year, in politics, and a lot of new media technologies have been developed - making watching this year's political debate exceptionally exciting.

For class, we'll be using Popcorn as we watch the political debate, all live.

With the ability to edit/"remix" video immediately after it has been on air, while millions of people are watching, while accessing those millions of people via the internet, and having access to the Internet Archive - the possibilities become almost endless.

Over the weekend, I was able to brainstorm over a few different idea's that I'd try while the debate is going on to make it more inclusive/understandable for those that don't particularly follow politics but are somewhat aware of what's going on, those that just want to be entertained, and creating immediate feedback to what has been said. Here's a brief overview of my ideas:

The Boxing Match

Making an animation that shows Clinton and Trump in a "boxing match" and allowing people to vote in whether they believe Hilary or Trump "won that point." People could vote by using a hashtag or clicking a button on a quick page that I develop, or texting in. This then plays off how many gather to watch boxing matches, and making the debate more entertaining.

How many times

To make the debate silly, and more entertaining - an idea that I had was to just track how many times they've said a certain word. 

Trump Expressions

Trump makes a lot of silly facial expressions. This idea includes zooming in on the different expressions that Trump makes and making a gallery of it all at the end of the debate.


I plan on doing more research on actual issues that they would be addressing, and creating more academic uses of Popcorn, as well.