My first supercut using Donald Trump, Destiny's Child and Bobby Shmurda

In playing around with various videos and selected word phrases, I came across a video with that had political candidates saying "question," very often. After listening to the generated supercut that VideoGrep created when selecting "questions" as the keyword, I immediately thought of Destiny Child's song, Independent Women. I then found a keyword that had a political candidate saying something similar to "about a week ago." "About a week ago," became a popular phrase after Bob Shmurda used it in his song (excuse the profanity in the title - I didn't know that was name of the song until looking up the phrase).

So, I mixed both songs using VirtualDJ:

And then I added some political clips along with clips from both music videos using Final Cut Pro:

Thus creating, "Donald Trump Becomes an Independent Woman About a Week Ago."