Trump vs Apple: Negative vs. Positive

[Technical difficulties are occurring as I try to embed the video on this page, so you can watch the video, here]

In this supercut, I used a supercut of Apple and their consistently super positive adjectives of their products with Trump's consistently super negative adjectives of America. I wanted to contrast their approach to gaining appeal and the tone that their rhetoric creates.


Apple is an incredible company. They hold great passion within their products, and highly value their marketing strategies to not only make their product a positive experience - but also their deliverance of their products.


Donald Trump is universally conceived as a bully that uses a high level of scare tactics in his campaign. He uses incredibly negative rhetoric in so many of his speeches. And the experience, when watching Trump, is one focused on the creation of fear and intimidation.


I thought it would be very interesting to contrast the two very different tactics between Apple and Donald Trump.