User Testing of Airplane Food Ordering Screen Service

"Overall, I thought the user experience was good. If this is on an airplane, it should be on a default screen as opposed to being bombarded with the words "Eat" and "Drink" when you chillin." Maybe even instead of "Eat" it could be "Food"."
"Instead of taking away what you don't want for the sandwich or other items, you could add what you do want."
"There should be a button on the screen that can take you to any of the other menus without having to go back to the main food menu. Maybe that could be done through suggestions when you select a food like, 'Hey, did you want to add desert to that order?'"

Creating discoverability within Wikipedia


Searching by ways without text was incredibly inspiring to me. I looked to the way that Shazam and Google allow you to discover new things with sounds and photos. Searching and discovering without text allows for greater creativity and discoverability.

Another great tool to encourage discoverability is the "similar as" section that Spotify uses. This allows for fans of a particular music artist, to discover new artists that they'll most likely enjoy.


I incorporated these tactics into my own new Wikipedia. Users would be able to search by either drawing, uploading sound or taking a picture of what they're searching for. Once they enter their search, they are given a screen filled with possibilities in what they've searched. Once they select a keyword on the page, they are prompted to the description with a "similar as" section at the bottom. 

Redesigning a common use item

Finding a common use item to redesign for the better, was a much more difficult assignment than I expected. It almost felt incredibly "nitpicky" to analyze something that was so popular used, and find ways that it's design could be even better.

Luckily, while doing laundry, I thought of an idea that I have all the time while doing laundry. There are extruded parts of the washing machine that help turn the clothes as they are drying. But, they can be slightly annoying when the drying job is done because small articles of clothing would remain in those cavities and it makes it easy to miss them while taking out all of your clothes from the dryer.

I decided to redesign the dryer so that when the job was complete, the extruded parts of the dryer would go back in and allow all of the clothes to fall at the bottom of the dryer. Making it a lot less likely to miss retrieving the small articles of clothing that are likely to be hidden in the crevices. 

Below is a picture of my local laundry mat's dryer and after that is my redesign.