Uber Everywhere

The Thought

For one month, I traded in my metro card and solely used an Uber pass as transportation through New York City.

How the Uber pass works:

You pay a flat fee of $15 and then every trip within the nyc is $3.99 as long as it would have originally been less than $20.

I assumed that I would only be going in and out of Manhattan (where I work and go to school) from Brooklyn (where I live) about 4 each way times out of the month. And maybe a couple times during the weekend. Which makes the amount of money i've spent on the Uber pass at least $150 but closer to $170. Some of those times include being the designated "Uber-orderer" since my fares are cheaper than a user without a pass.

So, about $150 on Uber would then be compared to about $120 for the metro pass. I wouldn't consider it the most economical or environmental (a lot of rides included me being the only passenger), but it was certainly the most convenient.

I then decided to look at my Uber trip receipts to create a data visualization and see in what parts of NYC do I seem to frequent the most.

The Process

I grabbed screen shots of my Uber rides from the past 3 weeks. I then used the routes that each driver took as a reference to for the lines that I would sew on my map.


I drew about 20 trips and studied in which areas do I frequent.

Obviously, I mostly frequented my home-base and my school. But the fact that I had done so little travel beyond those places, worried me. And reminded me that I need to take more advantage of more of New York City. 

Final Product


If I could have spent more time on this, I would have loved to not only focus on my own trips, but create data visualizations on the people I interacted with, within my trips. It would have been interesting to create data vizs on the drivers I had and what other passengers I had when I was in certain areas.