Protest of Protests of Protests: Black Love Edition


For Valentine’s day, I created an Augmented Reality experience for my partner in the @whitneymuseum ‘s exhibit on protests. My piece was a protest of protests and how certain protests have been historically known to silence others, like racial equality. Over the protest pieces in the exhibit, I used AR to overlay videos and photos of our moments of Black Love, on top. A protest for Black Love, love in every sense from passion to friendship to romance, something we have to work too hard to keep safe.


The Process

I gathered various footage, from photos to videos, and uploaded them into Unity. I went to the museum, prior to build the application, to take photos of each piece in the museum, to eventually use as target marks for computer vision recognition. After uploading all assets to Unity, using Vuforia, the application was ready to go. We took the machinery to the museum to experience it.